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blogging is not deadHope you are doing well. This is a first welcoming post on, and the main intention is to little bit introduce this new blog, as that’s the way its being usually done.

This is a small blog where you will be able to find a lot of interesting things from day to day life and success. The way its done is, that we do reseach on our behalf, for the purpose of achieving our goals, and we will share all of that here on

Don’t get confused, we rae small business of normal average people who are trying to improve the things in normal daily life, which the biggest obstacle for most of the poeple all around the world is the money. So our aim is to provide a solid good enough information that is proven to be correct, so anyone can benefit from it.

What we did, we eliminated all the business ideas that are hard to start or require some big money investment. Also, to able to start alone, just yourself. Not many people have some good friends or can afford to hire someone to do the job. So you have to be ableand prepared to work alone.

So now you probably already know what kind of business I talk about.

Its Online business.

There is a lot of ways how to make money online. But basically what is the common in all of them is, that you are selling something. No matter what it is.

And one of the requirements is that you need to learn a few technical skills such as setting up a hosting and website, SEO, marketing management, marketing strategies etc.

There is no need to know all of them, but its always an advantage to have knowledge of different skills. If you master just one of those, its win situation.

The process is always the same, for everyone who is starting home online business. And believe me, a few people I know got really rich by doing just one of the things above.

For example, you could be doing SEO for local business. Which means that you will take care of their website or deliver a brand new site, optimize it for the top serchengine rankings. And they will pay you for that.

Of course, if it was that simple, than everyone would do it. Especially SEO requires a bit of understanding of the whole search engine structure and alghoritm. The most of the time experimenting what works and what does not, then implement the strategy that works.

But this is really for people who want to dedicate their time to learn it.

The best and easiest way is, when you have your own product already for sale, but need to reach more of audience, and you create a nice looking website about your product, and if its really good spread the word on all over the social media accounts and press realeses.

Only important thing here is to target the right audience and the hardest job is done.

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